Into the unknown – UNESCO site Snežnik forest – a whole-day forest safari

A whole-day guided forest safari

My most popular tour! 

The Snežnik forest is the largest forest in central Europe and the largest European beech tree forest in the world! On this whole-day tour, we explore part of the forest on the Javorniki mountain ridge. Because of the large distances, we drive by car over forest tracks. On the way we stop many times to look for forest flowers, birds and animal footprints. At several places we hike for shorther distances. This way we see untouched natural forest where no trees are felled, a sunny mountain top with an amazing view, and magical karst features. Depending on the season we can expect many flowers and butterflies!

In 2017, a strictly protected part of this forest called Ždrocle was declared an UNESCO world heritage site because of old growth beech forest. Since then, this area is renamed to the Snežnik Forest Reserve. However, because of the strict protection regime as well as the locally extremely difficult terrain, visiting the Snežik Forest Reserve is problematic at this moment. My alternative is to go to fully comparable sites within in the same forest, where access is possible. However, even this I do only with very small groups of at most 6 or 7 people, in order to not disturb sensitive animal species.   

About halfway of the tour we stop to have an optional picnic, either in the forest or at the mountain top.

The entire forest is home to Brown bear, Wolf, Lynx, Wildcat, Red deer, Roe deer, Fox, Badger and Martens. Locally, even Chamois live here! While these mammals are shy, we often see their tracks during the tour.

Bird specialities are large populations of Ural owls (I occasionally see them, but no guarantees) and Woodpeckers. Almost invariably, Ravens fly over at one point or another. In the past, Capercaillie occurred here too, but I have been unable to hear of any confirmed sightings in recent years, nor did I see it myself (I am almost daily in this forest). 



7 hours

The largest forest in central Europe, animal tracks, flowers, butterflies, fantastic views, remote area

Moderate (some altitude differences)

Driving by car with many stopovers and several shorter hikes in different landscapes


Cerknica or Lož

1 person: 115 €
2-6 persons: 78 €
Larger groups: please contact me for an offer

Children under 12 years of age are free of charge.

Adults: 14 €
Children under 12: 10 €


Contact me for booking or tel ++386 41 902 110

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