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Custom tours

On request, I can take you on custom tours. These are highly specific and may include more driving from place to place. Also, they are not possible in all seasons. If you are interested in these tours, please contact me and we will see what we can do. Examples include:

Birdwatching tours: mostly in May-June to various places (rocky cliffs for birds of prey; wetlands; forest areas). Please keep in mind that Slovenia has a good variety of birds but absolute numbers are not high. 

Reptile tours: I happen to be a professional herpetologist so you are in good hands. Reptile tours are highly dependent on the weather and summer days may be too hot.  On a good day, we can especially see various lizards (Karst lizard, Italian wall lizard, Blue-throated keeled lizard, Green lizard and others). Snakes mostly occur in low densities and even on the best localities there is no guarantee (this includes Horned viper). Amphibians, on the other hand, are easier and we can see Yellow-bellied toads and Italian agile frogs. On rainy days also Fire salamanders are possible. 

Butterfly tours: Slovenia is an extraordinary good place to see butterflies! There are over 180 species of day-butterflies and also the number of individual butterflies is impressively high. The best season for butterflies is May-June. July is still good at higher altitudes. At one forest area we can, with some luck, even see rarities like Poplar admiral, Purple admiral and Scarce fritillary. For the highest numbers we will visit flower-rich meadows. 

Price: Depending on where we go (= fuel for driving needed) 120-200 Euro irrespective of the number of participants. Note that this price includes preparations from the guide, I usually check out the areas a few days before the excursion.

Contact me for booking or tel ++386 41 902 110

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