Animal sounds at nightfall – a 3 hour nature experience

A 3 hour nature experience with a guide

A new tour for 2024!

At night, nature is truely alive! We go far from civilization, where we hear no trafic and the lights from villages seem as far as the stars in the sky. But, it isn’t silent: this is one of the best places to hear the sound of animals at night!

We start well before nightfall, with a lovely hike towards a small intermittent lake. “Intermittent” means that only sometimes there is water, and quite often the entire lake is dry. The result is a surprisingly beautiful landscape with a rich vegetation. By the evening, butterflies calm down and are easy to photograph in the gentle light of the setting sun. 

We then drive to a place on the hillside, where we have the best view to see the sunset. Here we sit down to enjoy a picnic and wait for what will come. 

We are at an exceptional place to hear various bushcrickets  – these are late-season animals which are perform from July onwards. Earlier in the season, thousands of field crickets are the main singers, and we may hear treefrogs in a distant pond. 

The real stars of this place are nightjars. Americans call them nighthawks, and indeed, they look like a small birds of prey. In the evening, when it is almost dark, the nightjars start to sing. The sound is almost mechanical, ringing, oscillating through the evening sky, entirely unlike any other bird. You have to experience this to know what I mean. 

We may also see other animals like deer and owls. Even jackall are in the area, but they rarely howl in summer. 

Alltogether, the atmosphere and animals guarantee an unforgettable experience!


From 18 or 19h until well after dark

The largest forest in central Europe, animal tracks, flowers, butterflies, fantastic views, remote area


Short hike; then we sit down in the forest edge to watch the sunset and listen for animal sounds 


Cerknica or Postojna

1 person: 85 €
2-6 persons: 58 €
Larger groups: please contact me for an offer

Children under 12 years of age are free of charge.

Adults: 14 €
Children under 12: 10 €


Contact me for booking or tel ++386 41 902 110

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