Hello and Welcome in Slovenia!

I am Paul, tour guide, biologist, nature illustrator and just totally in love with the area where I live: the Notranjška region in Slovenia. Nature is overwhelmingly present here, with the largest forest in central Europe, meadows which are full of flowers and literally thousands of caves. Here are butterflies, birds and brown bears. Clean air, spectacular viewpoints and silence.

I love that silence, without trafic noise. Every day I am in these nature areas and mostly, I meet nobody. I tend to stay well away from touristy areas. And I love to share these experiences. This is why I organise custom tours for the smallest of groups: one family, two or three friends and also single people. I never combine groups.

I have a program from which you can choose, but no two tours are the same. Seasons change, It is unpredictable which animals we may see and the speed of the tour is entirely up to you. If you want to hike, or rather spend time photographing every flower and butterfly, that is all fine. And if you have special wishes, like species or places which you are interested in: just send me a message and I will reply what is possible.

See you in Slovenia!

Where are these tours?

Most of my tours are in central/southern Slovenia, in the Notranjska region. This is close to the famous Postojna cave and the town of Cerknica. 

This area has a rich history and you can easily combine my tours with museum-visits, Brown bear watching and other attractions. I tell you more in the “links” section of this website.